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Hello All You Music Party People!

This summer is shaping up to be the best one yet for DLW fans... We just played Two Dollar Tuesdays at the world famous 5 Spot in East Nashville, and it was a resounding success, one of the band's favorite shows to date.  We got a little bit crazy up there!   If you are in Nashville and want more DLW, don't fret!  We play Monday July 1st at the Building, and Wednesday July 3rd at the Basement!!

Colorado Connection TOUR!  (July 10-17)

Wednesday July 10 - Lucky Joe's in Fort Collins, solo

Thursday July 11 - WALNUT ROOM in DENVER!!  Full band, co-bill with Ryan Chrys & the Rough Cuts!

Friday July 12 - ETOWN HALL in BOULDER!!!  Co-bill with Gipsy Moon from Nederland, CO!!

Saturday July 13 - Night Show at RIDE FEST in Telluride, CO

Monday July 15 - Fairplay, CO - solo

Tuesday July 16 - Colorado Springs, CO - solo house concert

Wedesday July 17 - Steamboat Springs, CO - solo @ Old Towne Pub following the Bluegrass jam at Carl's!


The album "Water and Stone" (Limited Tour Edition) is available on iTunes and Spotify!!!



morning in toronto... Feb 25 2013

morning in toronto

i had visited Canada a couple times when I was a kid, but visiting Toronto (the last T is silent, in case you didn’t know) a couple weeks ago for the 25th Annual Folk Alliance International Conference was an amazing experience.  For one thing, I got to take the subway about 8 times, and every time was as if I had stepped onto a veritable Noah’s Ark of cultures and ethnicities.  I later found out that Toronto is the 3rd most diverse city in the WORLD, right behind London and New York City, no kidding!  It was mind blowing.  I had Jim James’ new solo album playing into my earbuds during the transit times, which provided an excellent soundtrack to the busy people entering and leaving the train at each subway stop.

The hotel was called the Delta Chelsea, and it felt like it was THE fancy hotel in that city, maybe 30 years ago…. but it had a two story water slide that was totally legit.  They had life guards and the intitial drop made you yelp the first time, and the final twists rolled you around to the point where you thought you might just lose it.  It was super fun, I wish I had time to do it more than the 3 times on the final day I was there.

The number of musicians and artists performing over the weekend was astounding.  Over 1000 all over the hotel, 24 hours a day, playing in ballrooms, hotel rooms, and my favorite place, the stairwells.  The stairs were where friends new and old could go and share their quieter (or louder) songs without the confines of a room or an audience.  By Friday and Saturday nights, I was so lucky to be in the right stairwell to catch some of Canada and America’s finest swapping their best sing-alongs, with everyone beating on the walls and doors to add to the beautiful noise.  It was very inspiring.

I stayed up all night Friday night playing until 7:30am, and then sat on the 21st floor of the hotel in the elevator hallway, looking out the gigantic window at downtown at dawn, with dark white skies and sitting on the radiator, and wrote this little song, called Morning in Toronto…

Morning in Toronto
Singing on the stairs
Mostly songs I don’t know
Never heard them anywhere

Gonna go soul searching
Gonna take my time
Cause I gotta big decision
On my mind

I’m here for the weekend
Went down the water slide
Up all night again
Nowhere to sleep or hide

Gonna go soul searching
Gonna take my time
Cause I gotta big decision
On my mind


Listen AND Download 2 songs from upcoming album!


December 2012 eNewsTalker...

I'm excited to announce that "Sonoma County Line" and "Train", two songs from the upcoming album, will be released and available before Christmas, via download through the website!  Can't wait for everyone to hear the new stuff!


There are 3 shows in Nashville before 2012 comes to an end, on December 13th 15th and 17th.  All 3 shows will be with the full band that apprears on the upcoming album, with David Warren on Wurlitzer, Dan Seymour on Bass, and Joe Giotta on drums, ...Thursday the 13th will be at Dan McGuinness with Dave "Panfish" Pahanish playing sets before and after our set, the music starts at 9pm and wraps up by midnight (winter hours for this weekly series) ...Saturday the 15th is at Douglas Corner with 4 other bands, starting at 6pm and is a beneift for NORML with $10 donation, DLW goes on at 8pm Saturday ...then Monday the 17th we return to the Building for Open Road, there will be an acoustic opener at 9pm and then DLW with band will play from 9:30pm til 10:30pm with an open mic to follow!


TEXAS - the 5th Annual Acoustic Christmas is going to be on Dec. 25th, Christmas night, at the Rooster on 7th in Fort Worth, same place and day as last year where it sold out, so get there early!  $10 cover, $5 if you mention you were there last year when coming in the door, Matt and Alan Jones will be playing as well... this is a special night not to be missed!


COLORADO - DLW solo acoustic at Paris on the Platte, downtown Denver, Friday 12/28, 9pm, no cover!


My Pledge Music Project... Success! (You can still pledge until Album comes out)